Edgeland Mutter. By Andrew Kötting

Edgeland Mutter attempts to invoke a sense of the past via the here-and-now. Drawing on my own extensive Super 8 archive and a growing body of Mini DV footage the film attempts to portray a fragmented and nostalgic view of a part of the world that has proved vital to the very fabric of my existence. Amongst the sonic flotsam and jetsam lie littoral truths, half-truths and coastal myths. Both melancholic and absurd the ‘coastcard’ is a confusing missive from a place of hope. It is a reminisce and flawed celebration. Hastings as a place where both memories and people are pulled towards the sea in a strange state of ‘reverse evolution’.


Love Brid. By Susan Collins

Love Brid is an animated postcard, a loving tribute to the timeless charms of the seaside, and a colourful rollercoaster ride through the coastal town of Bridlington (Brid) in North Yorkshire and its many unique attractions recorded on location over a few days in August 2009.

Love Brid has been made with a view to an online/iPhone context and is intended to be browsed interactively as a series of stills, or digital flipbook, as well as be seen as a linear animated film.


Teign Spirit. By Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore

The Jones family holidayed in Teignmouth from 1934 to 1939, their summer activities captured forever on black and white film. A lifetime later the town is still here: ships in the docks, bathers on the beach, people promenade.

Teign Spirit celebrates this continuity, mixing these home movies with new waves: a twenty first century stroll along the Back Beach, evoking the optical entertainments of the Victorian pier: the flickering still-moving images of the mutascope, a figure seen for a moment, held in the mind, then gone. Silent memories, coloured by the present.

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