Heike Vester

Marine Mammals and fish of Lofoten and Vesterålen.

Recorded by oceansounds / Norway | Heike Vester.

Marine mammals and fisch of Lofoten and Vesterålen recorded by oceansounds / Norway | Heike Vester
Gruen 066 | Audio CD | 54:48 min · www.gruenrekorder.de

01: “Carousel feeding Killer whales”
Location: Tysfjord (2005) | Length: 7:38

05: “Echolocating male sperm whale”
Location: Vesteralen outside Andenes (2006) | Length: 3:25

09: “Pilot whales resting in Vestfjord”
Location: Vestfjord, outside Skrova (2008) | Length: 9:37

All sounds were recorded by Heike Vester / Ocean Sounds www.ocean-sounds.com
Recorded with Reson TC4032 Hydrophone, 20 m cable and custom built ETEC amplifier on either Edirol or Korg MR1000 recorder.

Mastering by Mark Lorenz Kysela, www.kyselas.de

Supported (in part) by WWF Norway/Sweden, www.wwf.no / www.wwf.se

Field Recording Series  www.gruenrekorder.de