Transient Lapse

Juan Cantizzani – Pablo Sanz

Site-specific sound installation

A shifting aural topography based on the daily rhythms and the resonant architecture of a pedestrian and cyclist tunnel. The sound changes over a twenty-four hours cycle, interacting with the existing soundscape and movements of passersby. The result is an added aural layer which is perceived as not having physical origin and belong to the site. Exploring the threshold of perception, the work aims to induce a switch of focus, a momentary lapse in the urban transit experience.

30 June – 7 July 2012

Tunnel Lekstraat-Schenkkade, Binckhorst
The Hague, The Netherlands
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Acknowledgments: Justin Bennett, Vincent de Boer, Angel Faraldo, Ed Jansen, Jane Huldman, Silvia Janoskova, Hans Latenstein, Aukelien & Niels Leerentveld, Ronald Scholtens, Jelleke Truijen, Yolanda Uriz, Mascha Vandekuinder, Edwin van der Heide, Lex van den Broek and Anne Wellmer.