Everyday Life exhibition. Breda, The Netherlands. May 1st – 18 June 2010

Everyday Life

Lokal 01,  May 1st – 18 June 2010. Breda, The Netherlands

Everyday Life was made during a field recording workshop led by Justin Bennett at the Institute for Sonology in Den Haag, December 2009. The assignment was for the participants to document the sounds from their personal environment during a period of 24 hours. A group of the participants “reconstructed” their day by playing back the recordings according to an accelerated clock that counted through the 24 hours in about 30 minutes.

The DVD in Geluidpost exhibition is a live recording of the performance.

Performed / Recorded by: Gerben Kokmeijer, Tania Sikelianou, Yiannis Tsirkoglou, Pablo Sanz, Lucas Sancho, Matteo Marangoni, Miguel Negrao, Juan Cantizzani, Belinda Li, Bjarni Gunnarson, Baldur Bjornsson, Jakob Leben, Jasper Braet, Jasper Vanpaemel, Anna Mikhaylova, Jan Nieuwenhuis.