Soundscape. The Journal of Acoustic Ecology

Soundscape is a biannual English language publication of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE).

Contributor’s Guide (230 KB) (Reader Assisted)

Instructions for the preparation of materials for submission to soundscape – The Journal of Acoustic Ecology by Robert MacNevin. All contributing authors are asked to follow these guidelines in the preparation of manuscripts for the Journal. Topics include organization, font, style, submission of graphs, charts, photographs, and other materials.

Volume 1, Number 1, Spring, 2000 – Listening

  • An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology
  • Acoustic Atmospheres
  • Learning is Living
  • Associative Listening
  • Learning to Listen
Volume 1, Number 2, Winter, 2000 – Silence, Noise, and the Public Domain

  • The Acoustic Environment as a Public Domain
  • Silence and the Notion of the Commons
  • Silence in the Contemporary Soundscape
  • Living Out Loud
  • Acoustic Ecologists and Environmental Psychologists
  • Sound: An Enrichment or State
  • Shapes, Surfaces and Interiors
  • Acoustic Virtual Training for the Blind
  • Acoustic Communication Studies at Simon Fraser University
  • Bringing Soundscapes Into the Everyday Classroom
  • Teaching Acoustic Ecology
  • Stockholm Soundscape Project
  • “With the Calm, Comes Silence”
  • The Concept of Soundscape and Music Education in Japan
  • Sound Reflections
  • Acoustic Ecology and Environmental Studies
  • Questionnaire
  • Recovering Narcissus: Sound and Touch in the Digital World .
  • Musical Information Networks
  • Digital Arts’ Black Sheep
  • Sharing Experiences Towards the Possibility of an Electroacoustic Ecology
  • Ocean Bio-acoustics and Noise Pollution
  • Antarctica: Austral Soundscapes
  • Listening Underwater
  • Creatures of culture?
  • Soundwalking the Internet
  • Auditing Acoustic Ecology
  • Open Ears
  • Acoustic Objectives for Designed or Managed Soundscapes
  • Acoustic Ecology and the New Electroacoustic Space of Digital Networks
Volume 5, Number 1 Spring/Summer 2004 – Acoustic Design

  • Discrete Mapping of Urban Soundscapes
  • Acoustic Design in the Build Environment
  • Active Acoustics: Defining One’s Private Acoustic Environment
  • Istanbul Sound Diary
  • Echos of a Disappearing Planet
  • Intermissions with the Orchestra
  • The Music Must Always Play
  • Voicescapes: The (En)Chanting Voice & its Performance
  • Mediated Music & Meditation in Modernity
  • Hearing Protection for the Critical Listener
  • The Nautre of Hearing and Hearing Loss
  • Tinnitus and Sound
  • Restoring the Soundscape with Hearing

Volume 6, Number 2 Fall/Winter 2005 – Soundscape Studies in Japan

  • Insights Taken from Three Visited Soundscapes in Japan
  • Acoustic Ecology Considered as a Connotation: Semiotic, Post-Colonial and Educational Views of Soundscape
  • A Tiny Field for Soundscape Design: A case Study of the Soundscape Museum in Osaka, Japan

Volume 7, Number 1 Fall/Winter 2007 – Art, Science, Environment, Activism

  • Research Reports for the Ears: Soundscape Art in Scientific Presentations.
  • Conversations: David Dunn, Nick Miller, Emily Thompson
  • Sound From Dangerous Places: An Interview with Peter Cusak
  • Language for the Listening Body
  • The Appreciative Ear: Sounds from the Ground Up.