ISO #1 – Den Haag CS

ISO: Imperceptible Sounds Observatory #1

Based on the area around Den Haag Central Station. The Netherlands

Listen to at UMapper

· Source 1: Bridge at Bernhardviaduct.
· Source 2: Flag poles at Bezuidenhoutseweg.
· Source 3: Electromagnetic fields at Rijnstraat.
· Source 4: Underwater at Koekamplaan.
· Source 5: Tram rail at Rijnstraat.

Technical details: Acelerometer by Brüel & Kjaer model 4514 002; High frequency schnuffler/sniffer electromagnetic field circuit by Martin Howse; Aquarian Hydrophone H2a; Zoom H4 recorder, wireless microphones emitter and transmitter

To transmite sound to the citizen I built an interface located at one of the tram stops at Den Haag Central Station who is conected with the sounds produced by the five diferent sources. The interface contain the message:”Listen to the hidden sounds of the city. Plug in and listen!!!

The observers plug in their headphones in the interface and enter in to an interactive sound experience.

ICO Interface ICO Interface2 ICO interface people reaction ICO interface people reaction9 ICO interface people reaction3 ICO interface people reaction10
 ICO interface people reaction7 ICO interface people reaction8 ICO interface people reaction5 ICO interface people reaction4 ICO interface people reaction2 ICO Tools4
  ICO Tools5 ICO sources6 ICO sources13 ICO sources15 ICO sources14 ICO sources8
  ICO sources34 ICO sources33 ICO sources31 ICO sources29 ICO sources26 ICO sources30
ICO sources20 ICO sources18 ICO sources17 ICO sources16 ICO sources5
ISO #1 acknowledgments: Pim Van der Heiden, Mariam Caballero, Pablo Sanz, Lex van den Broek, Clara Lozano and Silvia Janoskova.